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Offering Yoga classes for all abilities and skill levels. 

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Yoga Class Descriptions

All Levels Yoga- This class is designed for everyone. Yoga is a discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through mindful breathing (and a series of poses. Yoga conditions the body so that the mind can practice meditation without obstacles.

Chair Yoga- Primarily performed in a chair, this class is a gentle, basic rejuvenation and meditative breathing session which allows students to breathe, stretch, and relax. This class is designed for those who have a difficult time getting up and down from the floor.

Gentle Yoga- Gentle Yoga is for those students who are not quite ready for All Levels Yoga, but are a bit more agile than Chair Yoga students. This softer approach to Yoga allows for the exploration of the body and soul and for us to embrace our own imperfections and inner beauty.

Meditation With Soundbath-  Soundbaths are a form of meditation using ambient overlapping sounds and vibrations from crystal bowls,  tibetan singing bowls and other instruments to tap into your deep inner subconscious, creating a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation, promoting healing and balanced energy.   

Small Group or Class Yoga- Double or triple your fun by practicing yoga with friends, family, or at your next event Discover dozens of ways to stretch and relax as a community. You will learn interactive poses and "tricks" that will keep you playing together for hours at a time!

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